TO GO CATERING – Family Style Meals 


                                            ½ Tray        Tray 

Homemade Caesar               $25.00       $45.00 

Tossed   Salad         $20.00       $38.00 

Mesclun Salad                     $25.00       $48.00 

Cold Antipasto                     $38.00       $75.00 

Café Z Salad                        $25.00        $48.00 

½ trays feed approx..  4 to 6 people     Full 7 to 13 

PASTA              ½ Tray       Tray 

Rigatoni Vodka                  $35.00      $65.00 

Rigatoni, peas & diced prosciutto in a tomato basil sauce with vodka and a touch of cream 

Fusilli Bolognese               $35.00      $65.00 

Twister pasta in a homemade meat sauce  , side of seasoned ricotta 

Cavatelli & Broccoli   $35.00      $65.00 

Cavatelli pasta with olive oil, garlic & suteed broccoli 

Penne Al Forno        $35.00      $65.00 

Penne pasta with diced eggplant, peas, marinara baked with mozzarella 

Penne Zingaro      $35.00      $65.00 

Penne with fresh tomatoes, capers, black olives, mushrooms, hot cherry peppers, anchovies and tomato basil 

Tortellini DaVinci               $35.00      $65.00 

Cheese stuffed pasta rings with sautéed chicken tenders, mushrooms, peas and a marinara with a touch of cream 

Fusilli Tomato/Basil       $30.00      $55.00 

Twister pasta with a light plum tomato, basil sauce 

ENTREES                ½ Tray        Tray 

 We use top quality, black bear chicken breast Select. 

CHICKEN & RICE, Salad & Vegetables for 4   $45.00 

Chicken Savoy                $45.00       $85.00 

Balsamic Vinegar, olive oil, fresh herbs & garlic (Prepared on or off the bone) 

Chicken Francaise         $40.00       $75.00 

Boneless chicken breast egg-battered with flour and sautéed topped with lemon butter sauce 

Chicken Marsala             $40.00       $75.00 

Classic marsala wine demiglace with domestic mushrooms 

Chicken Giambotte         $40.00      $75.00 

Onions, peppers, mushrooms, brown demiglace and potatoes 

Chicken Parmigiana                  $40.00      $75.00 

Breaded and friend cutlets topped with marinara and mozzarella 

Grilled Chicken/Grilled Vegetables or            

over Escarole                             $40.00      $75.00 

Vegetable/Meat Lasagna   $38.00      $72.00 

Veggies or meat with ricotta, marinara  and mozzarella 

Eggplant Rolletine         $38.00      $72.00 

Thinly sliced eggplant rolled with  ricotta, topped with marinara and mozzarella 

Sausage & Peppers       $35.00      $65.00 

 Stuffed Shells                            $38.00      $75.00 

Veal Picatta                                  $60.00      $115.00 

Veal medallions in a lemon butter sauce with capers 

Veal Parmigiana              $55.00      $95.00 

Breaded and fried veal topped with marinara and mozzarella 

Veal Casa                                   $65.00      $125.00 

Sliced veal,with Portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh diced tomato in a sherry demiglace 

Veal Saltinbocca  $65.00  $125.00 


Chicken Wings                $36.00       $71.00 

Hot or Mild, Garlic, BBQ, Sweet & Spicy Tai, Parmesan Garlic  

Mixed Sandwich Platter with Pasta Salad 

For 10-12 people…….$65.00 

Food is made to order.  We will try to honor any special requests.  Appetizers Available. 

Set-Up & Full Wait service available. 

Don’t Forget we sell Alcoholic Beverages.  Wine, Beer, Sangria and Mixed Drinks 


Where friends become family and family become friends”

— Patty Inghilleri

Take it home… 

Homemade Sauces, Salad Dressings 

& Desserts 

Because we make everything right here in our kitchen, there are no preservatives, additives or added chemicals in anything we make!! 

Marinara Sauce…$4.00 pint 

Bolognese Sauce (meat)…$5.00 pint 

Vodka Sauce (with peas and prosciutto)  ..$5.00 pint 

Caesar Dressing …   $8.00 pint 

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing  2 oz $.75 

 4 oz $1.50   Pint  $5.00 

Desserts require 24 hours notice. 

American Cheese Cake 


Chocolate Mousse Cake 


Italian Cheese Cake 



1/2 tray..$40.00         Full Tray..$80.00 

We also offer our Homemade 

Pasta for purchase.  We cater off premise or on. 


Ribeye Steak Grilled, topped with herb infused onions and mushrooms.


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